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Klaro CFO

Partner with us to get financial clarity in your business.



Our CFO Services

Are Simple & Robust

Financial Forecast

We'll build a custom financial forecast based on how your business actually works


We'll help you identify how much money to raise, from whom, and when


Find out how much your business is worth today and how to increase its value

Ongoing Support

Need something not listed? Just contact us and we'll tackle it



We're business owners, too. And we're on your side.

Clear financial projections are critical for any owner-operator to make good decisions for their business: whether it's about investing in growth, bringing on investors, paying your employees (and yourself!), or selling your company. You also need someone that you trust and who is on your side—and this person is often not an investor, a lender, or the person trying to buy your business.

As serial entrepreneurs, we know how time-consuming and intimidating it can be to manage the financials of your business. It's also expensive to hire someone qualified to help with this function. We started Klaro CFO because we want to help other business owners who may be in this position.


Being an business owner doesn't have to be a lonely or scary experience—Klaro CFO can help.

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Meet The Team

Nicolas Contag Klaro CFO

Nicolás Contag

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Katharine Hill Contag Klaro CFO

Katharine Hill Contag

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"Klaro CFO was able to take a highly complex project and craft a solution that was both cost effective and timely."

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Let’s Work Together

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